Project Development and Strategic Intervention

Project Development and Strategic Intervention:

 We have a team of experts who conduct discussions, surveys, and Brainstorming sessions with stakeholders on their vision and expectations from the CSR activities. Based on that, we help them create a CSR vision and align the strategy in accordance with the vision. We provide consulting to organizations that aim to undertake CSR initiatives that include creative strategies & actionable roadmaps. The strategic road map highlights short- medium- and long-term initiatives along with the milestones created to implement the strategic plan, this is a complex process involving many stakeholders. We help other corporates to realize their corporate social responsibility & We work hand in hand with partners co-creating projects and doing CSR implementation – using our expertise and learnings on the ground in rural communities to achieve lasting change. We also help organizations identify NGO partners in the geography of their interest after due diligence. Once the partners are identified then the project objectives, goals, monitoring, and evaluation parameters are identified.